I am driven by moments that resonate with me from daily encounters, capturing reflections that range from mundane subtleties to pivotal news. These reflections often germinate into concepts for my work, where I explore and create a liminal space and a nebulous realm. This exploration is achieved through photography, meta and post photography extensions and interventions, sometimes incorporating text, montage, video, performance, sound, objects, and installations.

Themes of memory, identity, and diaspora are central to my narrative. I am particularly drawn to the intricate dynamics between image, faith, and contemporary shifts, with a keen interest in the impacts of modern technology, such as artificial intelligence, on our personal, cultural, historical, and collective identities, as well as the future that lies beyond.


Royal College of Art, London
University of Westminster (First Class)
Imperial College London


CREAM 2013, Shortlist, Crain Kalman Gallery, Brighton, 2013

State of the Nation, 2nd Prize, Westphoto, London, 2012

Family & the Familiar, 3rd Prize, Westphoto, London, 2011

Border, Shortlist, Westphoto, London, 2010

Selected Exhibitions

WIP, Bridge Studio, Royal College of Art, London, 2023

Mirrors of Believing, B & W Darkroom Studio, Royal College of Art, London, 2023

Horizons, La Bottega Del Caffe, Regent Street, London, 2014

State of the Nation, Gallery D, Merchiston Campus, Edinburgh, 2013

Free Range, T1, Truman Brewery Gallery, London, 2013

State of the Nation, P3 Ambika Gallery, London, 2012

Artwall: Link, Public Trams and Stations, Prague, 2012

Family & the Familiar, F+F Schule für Kunst und Mediendesign, Foyer Dienstag, Zürich, 2012

Family & the Familiar, P3 Ambika Gallery, London, 2011

Mirrors of Believing, The Chapel Gallery, London, 2011

Border, P3 Ambika Gallery, London, 2010


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