I reach for my diary on those days when I am touched by something in my daily encounters with the immediate or wider world around me. I record those things, those moments that trigger some thought be it the fragments of mundanity or pieces of breaking news. I tend to follow issues that engage me, things of interest that are meaningful to me in some way. On occasion the entries in my diary find another life as they transform in to ideas for photographic work.

Within photography I find a world of limbo, something that is beyond text and beneath image, I think of this as a third space. Photography acts as a representation of how I perceive the self, nature, culture and society. It is mediation between the subjective internal world and external realities.

Selected Exhibitions

Horizons, La Bottega Del Caffe, Regent Street, London, 2014

State of the Nation, Gallery D, Merchiston Campus, Edinburgh, 2013
Gallery D

Free Range, T1, Truman Brewery Gallery, London, 2013
Free Range

State of the Nation, P3 Gallery, London, 2012
P3 Gallery

Artwall: Link, Public Trams and Stations, Prague, 2012
Artwall: Link

Family & the Familiar, F+F Schule für Kunst und Mediendesign, Foyer Dienstag, Zürich, 2012

Family & the Familiar, P3 Gallery, London, 2011
P3 Gallery

Mirrors of Believing, The Chapel Gallery, London, 2011
The Chapel Gallery

Border, P3 Gallery, London, 2010 (Selected as the Invitation Poster)
P3 Gallery


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